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Project Mobilise

Supporting the emergence of regenerative culture 

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PROJECT MOBILISE offers workshops, courses, and community events to help people live meaningfully and joyfully in a world that is facing multiple levels of crises. Things need to change. We help that change happen -- through you, your groups, and your communities. 

If you, your group or organisation is: 

  • Trying to do something good or create change in the world

  • Confused, burnt out, exhausted, or deflated

  • In need of some inspiration or re-evaluation of goals 

  • Feeling disconnected and not cohesive

  • Overwhelmed by the state of the world

  • Trying to figure out how to contribute meaningfully

  • Unsure how to make a difference, or whether any difference even matters

  • Tired of fighting an uphill battle, and feeling alone in the process

  • Trying to create a meaningful, relevant, and inspired program or event

We are here to help you MOBILISE. You are an important part of the change. We need you. And we have some tools and experience to help. 


This is what resilience is and why it's important. 


This is what Emergence is and why it's important. 

Regenerative Culture

This is what Regenerative Culture is and why it's important. 

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