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Mentoring & Consulting

One-to-one support 

Mentoring and Consulting are two different approaches to one-on-one support, for people who are ready to level up in their own journey of personal growth, facilitation, programming, business or organisational offerings, or community engagement.  

30-minute consultations are offered by donation, if you'd like to explore the possibilities. Send us an email.


MENTORSHIP is an opportunity to receive one-on-one support, guidance, and coaching.  It can be specific to your journey or aspirations as a facilitator, or it may be in a more general sense as you navigate certain periods of your life.  Our approach to mentorship is person-centred, meaning our work together is based around your own goals and desires.  


If you are an aspiring or emerging facilitator, mentorship is a great way to receive support and have someone in your corner as you navigate the challenges of putting yourself out there.  But you don't need to be an aspiring facilitator to take advantage of mentorship; we all need mentors!  If you feel the pull, let's chat. 


CONSULTING is a rather specific way of supporting someone with a task.  We offer consultation sessions for people who would like some support to design, develop, and/or deliver an offering to their clients, colleagues, or community. 


Maybe you are interested in integrating the Work That Reconnects into work you already do; maybe you could use some help talking through the best way to approach and design a program or workshop. Maybe you've got an idea for a community offering and you want some help fleshing it out.  

Consulting sessions are project-based.  If you've got an idea, and want some help, let's chat! 

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